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At EFESTĒ, we are dedicated to crafting wines that exemplify the rich diversity and excellence of Washington’s wine country. Our passion for winemaking is reflected in the accolades our wines have received and the praise from critics and customers alike. Today, we are thrilled to share the stories behind some of our most celebrated wines and the prestigious awards they have garnered.

2020 Angie Blanc de Blancs bottle with Double Gold award from Sunset Magazine

2020 Angie Blanc de Blancs: A Sparkling Triumph

Our 2020 Angie Blanc de Blancs has been a standout in our portfolio, earning a Double Gold award and an impressive 96 points from Sunset Mag: International Wine Competition. This sophisticated méthode champenoise wine showcases the elegance and complexity that can be achieved with our carefully selected grapes from Lake Chelan’s single vineyard. Paul Gregutt, a renowned wine critic, describes it as one of the finest sparkling wines he has tasted from Washington, praising its refined bubbles and delicate flavors.

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2021 Estate Grenache bottle with Gold award from Sunset International Wine Competition

2021 Estate Grenache: A Symphony of Flavors

The 2021 Estate Grenache has captured the attention of wine lovers and judges, receiving a Gold award and 93 points from the Sunset Mag: International Wine Competition. This wine is a true representation of the Red Mountain terroirs, with its vibrant notes of sweet spice, fresh raspberry, and cherry fruit. Paul Gregutt highlights its ability to punch through with a balanced and harmonious profile, making it a must-have for any wine lover.

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2020 Ceidleigh Estate Syrah

2020 Ceidleigh Estate Syrah: Silver

Our 2020 Ceidleigh Estate Syrah continues to impress with its robust character and depth. Awarded a Silver medal, this wine embodies the strength and richness of Red Mountain’s vineyards. Its layers of dark fruit, pepper, and earthy undertones make it a versatile and delightful choice for any occasion.

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EFESTĒ Sparkling Rosé

EFESTĒ Sparkling Rosé: Awarded Bronze

The EFESTĒ Sparkling Rosé is a testament to our commitment to producing high-quality sparkling wines. Awarded a Bronze medal, this Rosé is a delightful expression of summer in a glass. Its bright acidity and refreshing fruit flavors make it a perfect accompaniment for celebrations or a quiet evening at home.

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2020 Tough Guy Red Wine

2020 Tough Guy Red Wine: A Bold Silver

Our 2020 Tough Guy Red Wine has earned a Silver award, showcasing its bold and dynamic character. This wine is a blend that captures the essence of Red Mountain, offering a rich and complex profile with notes of dark berries, cocoa, and a hint of spice. It’s a tribute to the rugged and resilient spirit of our vineyards.

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Celebrating Reviews from Esteemed Critics

We are incredibly proud of the positive reviews our wines have received from notable wine critics like Paul Gregutt. His insights and accolades highlight the quality and uniqueness of EFESTĒ wines, reinforcing our dedication to excellence in every bottle.

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